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The Lady Behind B.T.M.R.

Lekeytha Dukes, 39 years old Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Spencer, Oklahoma. She is the mother of three very intelligent young boys. Dukes is the owner of Back to My Roots clothing line. What started out as a t –shirt line is now a full fledge clothing line, ready to attack this fashion industry! “Once I decided it’s bigger than hair, I started putting quotes on shirts that had more meaning; like STOP SHOOTNG US.” Dukes mentions how the designer logo naturally flowed into her creative space, the brilliancy behind the Afro and Africa together.

“Selling t-shirts looks easy but it’s not.” Dukes jokes about the late nights, early mornings, and days where there is no time for sleep she has endured in order to make her dream a reality. “People have changed, but I stay positive through it all.” She elaborates after being asked about her social circles changing and the type of friends she decides to engage with. Dukes is focused on leveling up and surrounding herself with nothing but positive vibes for the business years to come.

Be sure to check out the storefront right here in Oklahoma! Dukes has a charity closet entitled, “Keytha’s Corner.” Customers are motivated to bring in gently used BTMR clothing in exchange for -$5 off their next purchase. Be sure to take advantage of this amazing give back to the community. Before Dukes opened a storefront she spent most of her time caring for locals and students at North Highlands Elementary school. If it’s not BTMR, Dukes is spending time educating her children or the children around her. She also loves doing business at Ice Event Center, partaking in Live Music Thursdays and Trappy Hour on Fridays. Don’t hesitate to stop in and grab merch anytime!

No matter what Dukes has always been about her brand and getting the word out. Word of mouth has taken BTMR to another level, right here in our own city! Dukes mentions her future plans for expansion as being something to look forward to. She has a staff of four members, who have been supporting her since she’s started. She promises better positions for her loyal employees when the company takes the next step.

For now, she is committed to Oklahoma City in order to fulfill her duty in taking care of her parents who need assistance in daily living activities. “As long as my parents are here. I’ll be here,” she said. With her children leaning towards entrepreneurship, she is committed to helping them gain all the knowledge she has retained via her own trial and error. Be sure to check out her son’s clothing line entitled, Simple. It’s safe to say Ms. Dukes is a powerhouse working towards what she deserves. Don’t be a stranger and support your locals.

Be sure to follow Lekeytha on social media

Instagram @Back2MyRoots__ Facebook and Twitter @Back 2 My Roots.


Address: 4321 S.E. 33rd, Del City, OK. Suite 403.


Joelisha Goggins/Bennie Ma Bintou  Chief Executive Bennie Publications,Bennie's Peace 

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